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Lately, I have been astounded by those that seem to think that because I am a follower of Christ that I must be a naïve, mindless person. I read articles about the wonders of science that would like to discredit God’s all-knowing, all-powerful ability to create this magnificent world and point out the foolishness of those that would believe in His handiwork. And yet, I believe the further science goes, the further it points to the intelligent being at the beginning of it all.

This universe that we call home is simply fascinating. I thoroughly enjoy learning more about how pieces and parts fit together to keep us moving along (i.e. how some things like the earth’s crust is the exact depth to allow life on this planet). I do not happen to believe that anything has been discovered to disprove God (i.e. the beauty of a sunset on the spinning perfection of a planet, the magnificence of a newborn, the lull of the ocean tide in time with the moon). In fact, it seems to me that the more people try to disprove God’s existence, they only prove Him all the more. Such simplicity is mixed with such complexity all to create and sustain such life within the universe!

Sometimes I ignore some of the comments that attempt to point toward my lack of intelligence because of my choice to believe in God as our Creator. Other times I share my thoughts and ideas. Most times I attempt to tread with care and love wanting to be sensitive to where others are in their lives and not always trusting my words to convey what I want. I try to remember the importance of prayer in each situation.

Many times I get it wrong…speak when I should be silent; practice silence when I should share; use the wrong words; forget to pray first and foremost. All the time, I need to trust that God will direct my words and actions when I stay focused on bringing glory and honor to Him rather than me believing myself to be on the pedestal of “rightness.”

All in all, as I navigate these situations I know for the most part, that people have given the notion of God some thought and have decided for themselves where they stand on the issue. Yet, it is my desire to always poke and prod a bit so that we all keep thinking about this marvel called life. So as I take information in and weigh it against what I know and believe to be true, I believe others will as well and hopefully through mutual respect we might find the truth. That is what helps to keep this world going – thinking, dialoguing and deciding…then doing it all over when new information is shared in ways that keep humans off any pedestals and attempt to search out the mysteries of life!

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  1. Becky

    Jessie, thank you for such a beautifully written piece. So true to remember all should be done for the glory of God and to lean on him for understanding and not our own selves.


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