For many, the word “idol” conjures up images of a golden calf or some other relic that might sit on a mantel. Others might think of a person with talent and skill that they might like to have for themselves, and therefore, idolize that person.

After a sermon series at First Baptist Church, I had the opportunity to consider what the concept of an idol meant to me again. Quite some time ago, I had to recognize that I had an idol though I did not have a golden calf in my residence. Nor was I free of idols merely because I was not desperately longing for the skills of another.

For a long time, I wanted to be married and that stopped me from having a clear, honest relationship with God. This sermon series reminded me of this time in my life when I had it in my mind how my life was to play out. My schedule was to get married after college and begin my “adult” life. Yet marriage did not happen for me after getting my Associates Degree, or my Bachelor’s Degree or my Master’s Degree. I did not keep extending my education for the purpose of marriage yet I did keep thinking that at each institution I would find that man of my dreams!

Friends would point out other critical parts of life and being in relationship with God. I was not a serial dater just always on the lookout and waiting as I thought that marriage meant I could move out of park and into drive. I thought my life was on hold though I had my educational goal, my career, amazing friends and all those areas of interest to a 20-year-old. The idea of marriage did get the better of me for quite some time.

Marriage was my idol and I took it right from God’s hands. It has been a long road to hit that realization of what my idol had done to my relationship with God and learn how to leave my complete life in God’s hands. While still struggling to stay on track with my faithful following of my Creator, God has blessed me with a husband who has begun his walk with God and continues to develop it.

It is essential in the life of a Christian to regularly take the time to assess our lives and discover if anything or anyone stands in our way of being in a true, honest and faithful relationship with God. I still have to take the time to assess what my focus is for my life. Pastor Craig’s sermon series reminded me of those life lessons and encouraged me to be more aware of those things in my life that take more precedence than my relationship with my Creator. Now being reminded of where I was in my idol worship, I must look forward and with God as my strength, cleave to Him, leaving current idols behind. The commandment is as important to me now as it was to the Israelites when God gave the laws to Moses during their exodus from Egypt.

God is our Creator, our Sustainer, our Protector, our Provider and so much more. Nothing should keep our focus from all He is and all He can do. It is essential that those professing a life following Christ take the time to assess their lives and see that nothing stands in the way of our true worship. God is God and we need to always allow Him to be that in our lives.

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